Canneberges Bécancour is a producer of premium quality cranberries located in St. Louis de Blandford, Quebec, Canada. The company was founded in 1996 by two American cranberry producers who recognized the unique soil, weather, and growing conditions favorable to cranberry production in the Bois Franc region of Quebec, situated between Montreal and Quebec City. With many generations of cranberry production experience in Southeastern Massachusetts, the two families began their Canadian enterprise by planting 30 acres of cranberry bogs in 1997.

After a decade of carefully managed growth, Canneberges Bécancour has evolved into one of the largest producers of cranberries in Quebec, with a total of 260 planted acres. Under the current ownership, Canneberges Bécancour continues to expand its production capacity. Owners include Donna Jeffers, who is one of the founding partners, along with family members Bob Hampson and Matt Rhodes, and Quebec manager Luc Decubber.

Fruit grown on the Canneberges Bécancour farm is cultivated under strict Integrated Pest Management practices with careful adherence to environmental and best management standards. The company is committed to the safety and security of employees, respecting and appreciating their hard work which produces consistently abundant harvests. Preservation of the natural resources, upon which we depend, is a primary consideration in our planting and growing practices.

Canneberges Bécancour owns and operates a fruit receiving facility in Plessisville, Quebec. This facility cleans and packs the cranberries, then ships in bulk to juice manufacturers in the United States. The quality of our fruit, along with its excellent color and high sugar content, results in high demand for the cranberries grown by Canneberges Bécancour.